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Alberta [ælbɝtə] is one of the ten provinces of Canada, part of the Prairie Provinces and Western Provinces. Alberta was established on September 1st of 1905, when it separated from the Northwest Territories. On 1 September 2005, Alberta celebrated its centennial as a province. The capital of the province is Edmonton, being the most populous urban center Calgary, city which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988. Other important towns are Banff, Camrose, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medine Hat or Red Deer.

Alberta Regions - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Regions1181 x 1697 - 110.05k - png
Ab Relief - Mapsof.Net Map
Ab Relief434 x 734 - 45.53k - jpg
Ab National And Provincial Parks - Mapsof.Net Map
Ab National And Provincial Parks558 x 776 - 26.98k - png
South West Canada - Mapsof.Net Map
South West Canada1600 x 1226 - 233.02k - jpg
Dwalberta - Mapsof.Net Map
Dwalberta648 x 1080 - 24.21k - png
Census Divisions Ab - Mapsof.Net Map
Census Divisions Ab352 x 618 - 23.28k - png
Caribou Mountains Location - Mapsof.Net Map
Caribou Mountains Location843 x 1101 - 499.82k - png
Blank Map Alberta - Mapsof.Net Map
Blank Map Alberta907 x 1015 - 31.41k - png
Athabasca Watershed - Mapsof.Net Map
Athabasca Watershed808 x 1019 - 250.46k - png
Athabasca Oil Sands Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Athabasca Oil Sands Map1200 x 1753 - 194.06k - png
Albertahockeymap - Mapsof.Net Map
Albertahockeymap648 x 1080 - 20.83k - png
Alberta Southern Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Southern Map352 x 618 - 8.96k - png
Alberta Rockies Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Rockies Map352 x 618 - 8.72k - png
Alberta Regions Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Regions Map352 x 618 - 8.56k - png
Alberta Northern Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Northern Map352 x 618 - 8.66k - png
Alberta Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Map280 x 230 - 10.13k - png
Alberta Flag Contour - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Flag Contour524 x 700 - 9.51k - png
Alberta Central Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Central Map352 x 618 - 9.4k - png
Alberta Edmonton Region Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Edmonton Region Map352 x 618 - 8.27k - png
Alberta Calgary Region Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Alberta Calgary Region Map352 x 618 - 8.38k - png
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