Waterfall(s) a perpendicular or very steep descent of the water of a stream. Here you will find a list of waterfall(s). Click links to locate on map any of these Waterfall(s)s

Name Country Population Alternative Names
ABC Falls Guyana 0 A B C Fall
Ābshār-e Shāh Lowrā Iran 0 آبشار شاه لورا
Adadien Soela Suriname 0 Adadinsoela
Adamsfjordfossen Norway 0 Adamsfossen
Adoemansingie Soela Suriname 0 Doemangsingival Doemansingi Val Val Doemansiengi
Air Terjun Baung Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Baung
Air Terjun Ciapus Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjiapus
Air Terjun Cibeureum Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjibeureum
Air Terjun Cidurian Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjidurian
Air Terjun Ciomas Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjiomas
Air Terjun Citambur Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjitambur
Air Terjun Citiis Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjitiis
Air Terjun Ciumbuluit Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjiumbuluit
Air Terjun Cukang-rahong Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjukang-rahong
Air Terjun Curugawang Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjurugawang
Air Terjun Curugluhui Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Tjurugluhui
Air Terjun Kujang Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Kudjang
Air Terjun Puncakmanik Indonesia 0 Air Terdjun Puntjakmanik
Air Terjun Walahar Indonesia 0 Air terdjun Walahar
Akaiwanna Fall Guyana 0 Akawanna
Akaiwatta Fall Guyana 0 Akaiwata Fall Akaiwatha
Akaiwong Falls Guyana 0 Akaiwang Fall
Akala Soula French Guiana 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Saut Akala
Akramukra Falls Guyana 0 Akaramukra Rapids Akromukra Rapids
Alice Falls Australia 0 Alice Fall
Alikoto Itou French Guiana 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Saut Alicoto Saut Aricoto
Alikoto Miti Itou French Guiana 0 Alicoto Miti Ito Alicoto Miti Itou Cachoeira Alicolo Cachoeira Alicolô Cachoeira Pequeno Alicolo Cachoeira Pequeno Alicolô
Allemandidon Val Suriname 0 Alamandidonval Allamandidon val Allemandidon Soela
Amaila Fall Guyana 0 Amalia Fall
Amaripa Falls Guyana 0 Amaripa Rapids Amaripa Val
Amatop Falls Guyana 0 Amatop Rapid
Amatuk Fall Guyana 0 Amutuk Fall
Andira Falls Guyana 0 Anaira Fall Andira Fall Andira-Val Anira
Apaikwa Falls Guyana 0 Apaikwa Fall Apaiqua Fall
Apakuni Falls Guyana 0 Apakuni Fall
Aplinskiy Porog Russia 0 Aplinskij Porog Аплинский Порог
Arakabusa Mama Fall Guyana 0 Arakabusa Fall Cataract Arcabusa
Arawak Matope Falls Guyana 0 Arawak-Matope Fall Arrawak Matope Fall Cataract Aruakai Ematuba
Arikara Falls Guyana 0 Arikara Fall
Arikonda Falls Guyana 0 Arakanda Fall Arikanda Fall
Armonie Falls Guyana 0 NAME NOT KNOWN
Arnarþúfufoss Iceland 0 Arnartufafoss Arnarþúfafoss
Aruwai Fall Guyana 0 Kurabana
Ashiru Falls Guyana 0 Ashiru Fall
Assab Falls Nigeria 0 Assob Falls
Atabarau-Wena Fall Guyana 0 Atabaruwena
Atuwa Falls Guyana 0 Atuwa Fall
Au Falls Guyana 0 Au Rapids
Augrabies Falls South Africa 0 Aaugrabiesvalle Aughrabies Falls Augrabies Fall Augrabiesvalle Augrabieswaterval Aukoerebis King George's Cataract
Aunfossen Norway 0 Aunefossen