Museum a building where objects of permanent interest in one or more of the arts and sciences are preserved and exhibited. Here you will find a list of museum. Click links to locate on map any of these Museums

Name Country Population Alternative Names
Sam Tung Uk Museum Hong Kong 0 三棟屋博物館
Sheng-li Mei-shu-kuan Taiwan 0 Taiwan Museum of Art
Sheung Yiu Folk Museum Hong Kong 0 上窯民族文物館
T'aep'yŏngyang-bangmulgwan South Korea 0 Taepyeongyang-bangmulgwan 태평양박물관
T'ai-tung Hsien Tzu-jan-shih Chiao-yü-kuan Taiwan 0 T'ai-tung County Nature History Education Museum T'ai-tung Tzu-jan-shih Chiao-yu-kuan T'ai-tung Tzu-jan-shih Chiao-yü-kuan Taidong Sian Zihranshih Jiaoyuguan Taidong Xian Ziranshi Jiaoyuguan 臺東縣自然史教育館
Tate Britain United Kingdom 0 Tate Gallery
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Museum Hong Kong 0 Tung Wah Museum 東華三院文物館
University Museum and Art Gallery The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 0 University Museum and Art Gallery 香港大學美術博物館
Van Abbe museum Netherlands 0 Van Abbemuseum
Victoria & Albert Museum United Kingdom 0 V&A Museum
Voormalige Koninklijke stallen Netherlands 0 Rijtuigmuseum
Zhaoling Bowuguan China 0 Chao-ling Zhaoling