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Amsterdam (the Netherlands Amsterdam, [ɑmstər'dɑm]) is the capital official Netherlands. The city is located between the IJ bay and north banks of the Amstel River to the southeast. It was founded in the twelfth century as a small fishing village. However, today is the largest city and a major financial and cultural center of international renown. It has a population of about 750,000, and its metropolitan area reside approximately 1.5 million. Note that Amsterdam is one of the great Dutch conurbation called Randstad (along with the cities of The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht ), with over 6.5 million people. This nucleus is one of the largest conurbations in Europe .

Amsterdam Metro Map 1 - Mapsof.Net Map
Amsterdam Metro Map 1750 x 635 - 13.91k - png
Amsterdam Metro Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Amsterdam Metro Map1134 x 1425 - 70.34k - png
Werkgebied Ggdamsterdam - Mapsof.Net Map
Werkgebied Ggdamsterdam373 x 198 - 8.89k - jpg
Unesco Kaart Amsterdam - Mapsof.Net Map
Unesco Kaart Amsterdam816 x 800 - 249.79k - jpg
Stelling Van Amsterdam the Netherlands - Mapsof.Net Map
Stelling Van Amsterdam the Netherlands500 x 496 - 29.22k - jpg
Pltakbrt - Mapsof.Net Map
Pltakbrt740 x 488 - 108.68k - jpg
Plantagebuurt - Mapsof.Net Map
Plantagebuurt920 x 812 - 32.19k - png
Plantagebuurt  Roeterseiland - Mapsof.Net Map
Plantagebuurt Roeterseiland920 x 812 - 33.12k - png
Plantagebuurt  Onbekendegracht - Mapsof.Net Map
Plantagebuurt Onbekendegracht920 x 812 - 31.45k - png
Plantagebuurt  Nieuwe Prinsengracht - Mapsof.Net Map
Plantagebuurt Nieuwe Prinsengracht920 x 812 - 31.51k - png
Plantagebuurt  Nieuwe Keizersgracht - Mapsof.Net Map
Plantagebuurt Nieuwe Keizersgracht920 x 812 - 31.65k - png
Plantagebuurt  Nieuwe Herengracht - Mapsof.Net Map
Plantagebuurt Nieuwe Herengracht920 x 812 - 31.77k - png
Plantagebuurt  Nieuwe Achtergracht - Mapsof.Net Map
Plantagebuurt Nieuwe Achtergracht920 x 812 - 31.47k - png
Plantagebuurt  Entrepotdok - Mapsof.Net Map
Plantagebuurt Entrepotdok920 x 812 - 33.84k - png
Oranjesluizen Plattegrond - Mapsof.Net Map
Oranjesluizen Plattegrond800 x 600 - 89.93k - jpg
Map of Bijlmermeer - Mapsof.Net Map
Map of Bijlmermeer920 x 793 - 29.34k - png
Map Nl  Amsterdam  Zunderdorp - Mapsof.Net Map
Map Nl Amsterdam Zunderdorp800 x 600 - 16.19k - png
Map Nl  Amsterdam  Zuidwtc - Mapsof.Net Map
Map Nl Amsterdam Zuidwtc651 x 520 - 12.48k - png
Map Nl  Amsterdam  Willemspark - Mapsof.Net Map
Map Nl Amsterdam Willemspark651 x 520 - 12.48k - png
Map Nl  Amsterdam  Westpoort - Mapsof.Net Map
Map Nl Amsterdam Westpoort651 x 520 - 12.48k - png
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