Shuangjiang , Hunan

Shuangjiang: Eighteenth solar term of traditional East Asian calendars


Shuangjiang Quick Facts

Population : 8,320
State : Hunan (China)
Time Zone : Asia/Shanghai
Local time : 15:42:46 (8th December 2021)


Shuangjiang is located at 26°9'17"N 109°42'50"E (26.1546700, 109.7138000).

Shuangjiang map

Shuang-chiang, Shuang-chiang-k'ou, Shuang-chiang-k’ou, Shuangjiang, T'ung-tao, T'ung-tao-t'ung-tsu-tzu-chih-hsien, Tongdao, T’ung-tao, T’ung-tao-t’ung-tsu-tzu-chih-hsien, shuang jiang, 双江

Local Places in Shuangjiang

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