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There are 1 administrative divisions in Sharjah

Al Sharjah, Ash 'Mariqah, Ash Shariqa, Ash Shariqah, Ash Shāriqa, Ash Shāriqah, Ash-Shariqah' emiraat, Ash-Shāriqah' emiraat, Sarjo, Schardscha, Shardzha, Sharga, Sharijah, Shariqah, Sharja, Sharjah, Sharzha, Shārijah, Shāriqah, Shārja, Ŝarĵo, Шарджа, Шаржа, שארג'ה, شارجه, شارقة, சார்ஜா, シャールジャ, 夏尔迦

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