Waterfall(s) a perpendicular or very steep descent of the water of a stream. Here you will find a list of waterfall(s). Click links to locate on map any of these Waterfall(s)s

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Name Country Population Alternative Names
ABC Falls 0 A B C Fall
?bsh?r-e Sh?h Lowr? 0 ????? ??? ????
Adadien Soela 0 Adadinsoela
Adamsfjordfossen 0 Adamsfossen
Adoemansingie Soela 0 Doemangsingival Doemansingi Val Val Doemansiengi
Air Terjun Baung 0 Air Terdjun Baung
Air Terjun Ciapus 0 Air Terdjun Tjiapus
Air Terjun Cibeureum 0 Air Terdjun Tjibeureum
Air Terjun Cidurian 0 Air Terdjun Tjidurian
Air Terjun Ciomas 0 Air Terdjun Tjiomas
Air Terjun Citambur 0 Air Terdjun Tjitambur
Air Terjun Citiis 0 Air Terdjun Tjitiis
Air Terjun Ciumbuluit 0 Air Terdjun Tjiumbuluit
Air Terjun Cukang-rahong 0 Air Terdjun Tjukang-rahong
Air Terjun Curugawang 0 Air Terdjun Tjurugawang
Air Terjun Curugluhui 0 Air Terdjun Tjurugluhui
Air Terjun Kujang 0 Air Terdjun Kudjang
Air Terjun Puncakmanik 0 Air Terdjun Puntjakmanik
Air Terjun Walahar 0 Air terdjun Walahar
Akaiwanna Fall 0 Akawanna
Akaiwatta Fall 0 Akaiwata Fall Akaiwatha
Akaiwong Falls 0 Akaiwang Fall
Akala Soula 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Saut Akala
Akramukra Falls 0 Akaramukra Rapids Akromukra Rapids
Alice Falls 0 Alice Fall
Alikoto Itou 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Saut Alicoto Saut Aricoto
Alikoto Miti Itou 0 Alicoto Miti Ito Alicoto Miti Itou Cachoeira Alicolo Cachoeira Alicolô Cachoeira Pequeno Alicolo Cachoeira Pequeno Alicolô
Allemandidon Val 0 Alamandidonval Allamandidon val Allemandidon Soela
Amaila Fall 0 Amalia Fall
Amaripa Falls 0 Amaripa Rapids Amaripa Val
Amatop Falls 0 Amatop Rapid
Amatuk Fall 0 Amutuk Fall
Andira Falls 0 Anaira Fall Andira Fall Andira-Val Anira
Apaikwa Falls 0 Apaikwa Fall Apaiqua Fall
Apakuni Falls 0 Apakuni Fall
Aplinskiy Porog 0 Aplinskij Porog ????????? ?????
Arakabusa Mama Fall 0 Arakabusa Fall Cataract Arcabusa
Arawak Matope Falls 0 Arawak-Matope Fall Arrawak Matope Fall Cataract Aruakai Ematuba
Arikara Falls 0 Arikara Fall
Arikonda Falls 0 Arakanda Fall Arikanda Fall
Armonie Falls 0 NAME NOT KNOWN
Arnarfufoss 0 Arnartufafoss Arnarþúfafoss
Aruwai Fall 0 Kurabana
Ashiru Falls 0 Ashiru Fall
Assab Falls 0 Assob Falls
Atabarau-Wena Fall 0 Atabaruwena
Atuwa Falls 0 Atuwa Fall
Au Falls 0 Au Rapids
Augrabies Falls 0 Aaugrabiesvalle Aughrabies Falls Augrabies Fall Augrabiesvalle Augrabieswaterval Aukoerebis King George's Cataract
Aunfossen 0 Aunefossen
Aurituk Falls 0 Aurituk Fall
Avanavero Vallen 0 Avanavero Falls Great Falls Val Avanavero
Avumba-Menda Falls 0 Avumba Memba Falls
Baas Bari Val 0 Baas Bart Val Bari Val
Bachnagairn 0 Bachnagairn Falls
Baluba-Bouk Fall 0 Baluha-bouk Fall Baluka-Bouk
Baramba Falls 0 Baramba Fall
Baratieri Falls 0 Baratieri
Bardufoss 0 Bardofos
Barrington Brown Falls 0 Barrington Browns Falls
Bell Falls 0 Bell Fall
Big Falls 0 Big Fall
Bilanjil Falls 0 Bilangil
Bjrnafallet 0 Bjoernafallet Bjornafallet Björnafallet Bjørnafallet
Blanche Marie Vallen 0 Blanche Marie Val
Bol? F?nch'a'? Fwafwat? 0 Bole Finch'a'a Bol? F?nch'a'a
Bsdalafossur 0 Bosdala-Fos
Bowen Falls 0 Bowen Fall
Brackland Falls 0 Bracklinn Falls
Brattfoss 0 Bratfoss
Cachoeira Ac 0 Saut Grand Ako
Cachoeira Acouiari 0 Kouyari Itou Saut Couyari Saut Couyary Saut Kouyari
Cachoeira Andorinha 0 Cachoeira das Andorinhas
Cachoeira Apinac 0 Cachoeira Apinaca Cachoeira Apinacá
Cachoeira Apinim 0 Cachoeira Apinin
Cachoeira Arara 0 Raudal Arara
Cachoeira Arari 0 Saut Arario
Cachoeira Arurunem 0 Cachoeira Arurenemo Cachoeira Arurumeno Cachoeira Arurumenô
Cachoeira Atacamarapanu 0 Cachoeira Atacamarapapa
Cachoeira Atualpa 0 Cachoeira Ataualpa
Cachoeira Aurucuopatari 0 Cachoeira Merucuopatari
Cachoeira Barriguda 0 Cachoeira Barrigudo
Cachoeira Bigati 0 Cachoeira Bigali
Cachoeira Birib 0 Cachoeira Beriba Cachoeira Beribá
Cachoeira Biribzinho 0 Cachoeira Beribazinho Cachoeira Beribàzinho
Cachoeira Caldeiro do Inferno 0 Cachoeira Guara-Assu Cachoeira Guara-Assú Inferno
Cachoeira Camoura 0 Saut Moura
Cachoeira Canastra 0 Canastro
Cachoeira Cantagalo 0 Cachoeira Cantagallo
Cachoeira Caracara 0 Cachoeira Caracarahy Iaracarai
Cachoeira Caracara 0 Cachoeiras Caracarahy Cachoeiras de Sao Felippe Cachoeiras de São Felippe
Cachoeira Caracax 0 Cachoeira Caracacha
Cachoeira Carapanzinha 0 Cachoeira Carapanazinho Cachoeira Carapanãzinho
Cachoeira Castanheira 0 Cachoeira Castanheiro
Cachoeira Catarina 0 Cachoeira do Catarino Cachoeira do Catharino
Cachoeira Chapu 0 Cachoeira do Chapeo Cachoeira do Chapéo
Cachoeira Cicant 0 Cachoeira Cincanta Cachoeira Cincantã
Cachoeira Coat 0 Cachoeira Quata Cachoeira Quatá
Cachoeira Cor 0 Cachoeira Car
Cachoeira Coroa de Frade 0 Coroa de Frade
Cachoeira Cuiucuir 0 Cachoeira Cuiucuiu Cachoeira Cuiucuiú Cachoeira Cuyucuyu Cachoeira Cuyucuyú
Cachoeira Cujubim 0 Cachoeira Cajubim
Cachoeira Cumaiapona 0 Cachoeira Cumaiapong
Cachoeira Curuaia 0 Cachoeira Coruaga
Cachoeira da Coroa 0 Cachoeira do Coroa Cachoeira do Coroá
Cachoeira da Curoca 0 Cachoeira da Coroca
Cachoeira da gua 0 Cachoeira da Ilha
Cachoeira da Misericrdia 0 Cachoeira Misericordia Cachuela Misericordia
Cachoeira da Ona 0 Cachoeira Jaci Cachoeira do Jacu Salto da Onca Salto da Onça
Cachoeira da Pedra Sca 0 Cachoeira Pedras Travessao da Pedra Travessão da Pedra
Cachoeira da Pita 0 Cachoeira da Pitu
Cachoeira da Rampa 0 Cachoeira Pedras Brancas
Cachoeira da Saudade 0 Cachoeira Sao Jose Cachoeira São José
Cachoeira da Serra do Diabo 0 Cachoeira do Diabo
Cachoeira das Andorinhas 0 Raudal Golondrinas
Cachoeira das Araras 0 Cachuela Araras Cachuela Ararás Cachuela Figueura Cachuela Tamanduce
Cachoeira das Araras 0 Cachoeira Itaboca
Cachoeira das Bananeiras 0 Cachoeira Bananeira Cachuela Bananeira Cachuela Bananeiras Cachuela das Papagaios
Cachoeira das Capoeiras 0 Cachoeira das Capueras
Cachoeira das Cobras 0 Cachoeira das Tres Cobras Cachoeira das Três Cobras
Cachoeira das Cruzes 0 Cachoeira da Famaca Cachoeira da Famaça Cachoeira da Fumaca Cachoeira da Fumaça
Cachoeira das Lajes 0 Cachoeira das Lages
Cachoeira das Lajes 0 Cachoeira da Laje Cachoeira dos Lages
Cachoeira das Onas 0 Cachoeira das Ondas
Cachoeira das Sete Ilhas 0 Cachoeira das 7 Ilhas Cachoeira das Sete Ilhas
Cachoeira das Sete Quedas 0 Salto das Sete Quedas
Cachoeira das Tortas 0 Cachoeira das Tontas
Cachoeira de Paulo Afonso 0 Cachoeira de Paulo Affonso
Cachoeira de Piraras 0 Cachoeira de Pirararas
Cachoeira de Santo Antnio 0 Cachoeira Aroaya
Cachoeira do Acar 0 Cachoeira das Montanhas
Cachoeira do Arrombo 0 Cachoeira do Arromba
Cachoeira do Atravessado 0 Pancada do Atravessado
Cachoeira do Caititu 0 Cachoeira do Caetetu Cachoeira do Caetetú
Cachoeira do Cajubim 0 Cachoeira Cujubins
Cachoeira do Chacaro 0 Cachoeira Chacacao Cachoeira Chacacão Cachoeira do Chacorao Cachoeira do Chacorão
Cachoeira do Coat 0 Cachoeira Quata Cachoeira Quatá
Cachoeira do Cuxu 0 Cachoeira do Pedro Borges
Cachoeira do Espelho 0 Cachoeira Acai de Cima Cachoeira Assahy de Cima Cachoeira Açai de Cima Cachoeira do Passahy de Cima
Cachoeira do Frechal 0 Flechal
Cachoeira do Jenipapeiro 0 Cachoeira do Genipapeiro
Cachoeira do Joo de Almeida 0 Cachoeira Joao Almeida Cachoeira João Almeida
Cachoeira do Juru 0 Cachoeira Andorinha Cachoeira do Jurucua Cachoeira do Jurucuá
Cachoeira do Manigobalzinho 0 Cachoeira do Manigobal-sinho
Cachoeira do Marimbo 0 Cachoeira do Marimbondo
Cachoeira do Marimbondo 0 Cachoeira do Maribondo
Cachoeira do Pacu 0 Cachoeira do Pucu
Cachoeira do Paredo 0 Cachoeira do Parica
Cachoeira do Paredo 0 Cachoeira do Peredao Cachoeira do Peredão
Cachoeira do Patu 0 Cachoeira do Pataua Cachoeira do Patauá
Cachoeira do Periquito 0 Cachoeira de Periquitos
Cachoeira do Rafael 0 Cachoeira Sao Rafael Cachoeira São Rafael Cachoeira do Raphael
Cachoeira do Rebojo 0 Travessao do Rebajo Travessão do Rebajo
Cachoeira do Salto Grande 0 Salto Grande Salto da Divisa
Cachoeira do Setor 0 Cachoeira do Sector
Cachoeira do Sibaru 0 Corredeira Sibaitu Corredeira Sibaitú
Cachoeira do Siringal 0 Cachoeira do Seringal
Cachoeira do Suplcio 0 Cachoeira do Sofrimento
Cachoeira do Tamandu 0 Cachoeira Tamandua Cachoeira Tamanduá
Cachoeira do Tapi 0 Cachoeira Tapi
Cachoeira do Tareraimbu 0 Cachoeira Tameriambu Cachoeira Tameriambú
Cachoeira do Tropo Grande 0 Cachoeira do Tropeco Cachoeira do Tropeço
Cachoeira do Uacuru 0 Cachoeira Uacuru
Cachoeira Dois de Novembro 0 Cachoeira 2 de Novembro
Cachoeira dos Cajubins 0 Cachoeira dos Cujubins
Cachoeira dos Guaribas 0 Cachoeira Guaribas
Cachoeira dos Japis 0 Cachoeira dos Japys
Cachoeira dos Morrinhos 0 Cachoeira Natal Cachoeira do Morrinho
Cachoeira dos Perdidos 0 Cachoeira do Perdido
Cachoeira Duas Araras 0 Cachoeira das Araras
Cachoeira Feia 0 Cachoeira Feio
Cachoeira Galinha 0 Cachoeira Samauma Cachoeira Samaúma Cachoeira da Gallinha
Cachoeira Gorgulho de Santo Antnio 0 Gorgulho de Santo Antonio Gorgulho de Santo Antônio
Cachoeira Grande 0 Cachoeira Piracuquara Cachoeira Piraçuquara
Cachoeira Grande 0 Cachoeira do Tubarao Cachoeira do Tubarão
Cachoeira Grande 0 Cachoeira Grande das Tres Travessaos
Cachoeira Itapeuara 0 Cachoeira Itaperara
Cachoeira Jabuti 0 Cachoeira Jaboti Cachoeira Jabotí
Cachoeira Jacar 0 Cachoeira Iacare Cachoeira Iacaré
Cachoeira Jacar 0 Cachoeira Jacare Cachoeira Jacaré Cachoeira Yacare Cachoeira Yacaré Rapido Yacare Raudal Yacare Rápido Yacaré
Cachoeira Jacureconga 0 Cachoeira Jacurecunga
Cachoeira Lajeado 0 Cachoeira Lageado
Cachoeira Lajeado 0 Cachoeira Lageado
Cachoeira Lajeado Amarelo 0 Cachoeira Lageado Amarelo
Cachoeira Lajes 0 Cachoeira da Lage Cachuela Lajes Cachuela Tijaca
Cachoeira Macacoara 0 Cachoeira Macaquara Cachoeira Macuru Cachoeira Mucuru
Cachoeira Mantep 0 Cachoeira Mantera
Cachoeira Mantible 0 Cachoeira Mantiba
Cachoeira Manuel Joo 0 Cachoeira de Manoel Joao Cachoeira de Manoel João
Cachoeira Manuel Jorge 0 Cachoeira Manoel Jorge
Cachoeira Manuelzinho 0 Cachoeira Manoelsinho
Cachoeira Maranho 0 Cachoeira Manellao Cachoeira Manellão Cachoeira Marmelao Cachoeira Marmelão
Cachoeira Maranho Grande 0 Cachoeira Maranhao Cachoeira Maranhão
Cachoeira Maranhozinho 0 Cachoeira Maranhao-sinho Cachoeira Maranhão-sinho
Cachoeira Matrincho 0 Cachoeira Matrincha Cachoeira Matrinchã
Cachoeira Maxanita 0 Cachoeira Maxauita
Cachoeira Mericol 0 Cachoeira Merisol
Cachoeira Miriti 0 Cachoeira Meriti
Cachoeira Monte Cristo 0 Cachoeira Monte Christo
Cachoeira Monte Cristo 0 Cachoeira Monte Christo
Cachoeira Mortandade 0 Cachoeira Moriandade
Cachoeira Muiraquira 0 Cachoeira Muiraquita Cachoeira Muiraquitã
Cachoeira Nazar 0 Cachoeira Nazareth
Cachoeira Nazar 0 Cachoeira Naxareth
Cachoeira Nove de Abril 0 Cachoeira 9 de Abril
Cachoeira Oscar Miranda 0 Cachoeira Tavares
Cachoeira Ouaouarou 0 Cachoeira Ouaouarou Cachoeira Quaouaru Saut Ouayeouarou Sauts Waiwarou Sauts Waïwarou
Cachoeira Pacomou 0 Cachoeira Pacamou
Cachoeira Paiandu 0 Cachoeira Paissandu
Cachoeira Parang 0 Palanga Itou Saut Pananga Saut Sinacouparangaoue Saut Sinacouparangaoué
Cachoeira Parnagu 0 Cachoeira Panagua Cachoeira Panaguá Cachoeira Panama
Cachoeira Passagem de ndios 0 Cachoeira Passagem Cachoeira Passagem de Indio Cachoeira Passagem de Índio Cachoeira Passagem do Indio Cachoeira Passagem do Índio
Cachoeira Patan 0 Cachoeira Pataua Cachoeira Patauá
Cachoeira Pederneira 0 Cachoeira Maiari
Cachoeira Pependana 0 Cachoeira Pependaua
Cachoeira Piararus 0 Saut Petit Masara Saut Petit Massala Saut Petit Massera Saut Petit Masséra
Cachoeira Piraquara 0 Cachoeira Piraraquara
Cachoeira Pirarara 0 Cachoeira Pirararu
Cachoeira Pirassununga 0 Cachoeira Piracununga Cachoeira Piraçununga
Cachoeira Poraque 0 Cachoeira Piracua Cachoeira Piracuâ
Cachoeira Porto de Baixo 0 Cachoeira Portao da Baixa Cachoeira Portão da Baixa
Cachoeira Porteira 0 Cachoeira Lidstone
Cachoeira Prto Oriente 0 Cachoeira Oriente
Cachoeira Primeiro de Maro 0 Cachoeira 1 de Marco Cachoeira 1 de Março
Cachoeira Quat Grande 0 Cachoeira do Cuata Grande Cachoeira do Cuatá Grande
Cachoeira Quatorze de Abril 0 Cachoeira 14 de Abril
Cachoeira Quatro de Maro 0 Cachoeira 4 de Marco Cachoeira 4 de Março
Cachoeira Quinze de Novembro 0 Cachoeira 15 do Novembro
Cachoeira Reboio 0 Cachoeira Rebojo
Cachoeira Redonda 0 Cachoeira Volta Redonda
Cachoeira Salsal 0 Cachoeira da Sarsal
Cachoeira Santa Teresa 0 Cachoeira Santa Theresa
Cachoeira Santa rsula 0 Cachoeira do Banco Santa Ursula Cachoeira do Banco Santa Úrsula
Cachoeira So Benedito 0 Cachoeira Sao Benedicto Cachoeira São Benedicto
Cachoeira So Florncio 0 Cachoeira Sao Florcencio Cachoeira São Florcencio
Cachoeira Sca 0 Cachoeira Secca
Cachoeira Seis de Julho 0 Cachoeira 6 de Julho
Cachoeira Sete de Setembro 0 Cachoeira 7 de Setembro
Cachoeira Sucuri 0 Cachoeira Surucui Cachoeira Surucuí
Cachoeira Sucuri 0 Cachoeira Sucuriju
Cachoeira Sumalauma 0 Cachoeira Sulamauma
Cachoeira Tabuleirinho 0 Taboleirinho
Cachoeira Tacuru 0 Cachoeira Tacutucu Tacourou Itou Takourou Itou
Cachoeira Tambaqui 0 Cachuela Tambaqui Cachuela del Tambaqui
Cachoeira Tapiru 0 Cachoeira Tupiru
Cachoeira Tauarica 0 Cachoeira Tauaririca
Cachoeira Taunay 0 Cachoeira Tanauy
Cachoeira Teotnio 0 Cachoeira do Teotonio Cachoeira do Teotônio Salto do Teotonio Salto do Teotônio Salto do Theotonio Salto do Theotônio
Cachoeira Tocarizal 0 Cachoeira Tacorzal Cachoeira Tocarisal
Cachoeira Tracamb 0 Cachoeira Tacambe Cachoeira Tacambé
Cachoeira Trs Irmos 0 Cachoeira Arapocoa
Cachoeira Trovoada 0 Cachoeira Trovacada
Cachoeira Tucuma 0 Cachoeira Tucuma Cachoeira Tucumahy Cachoeira Tucumay Cachoeira Tucumãhy Cachoeira Tucuna
Cachoeira Tucupar 0 Cachoeira do Tucunare Cachoeira do Tucunaré
Cachoeira Uacuri 0 Cachoeira Uacury
Cachoeira Uaramindu 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Waraminduik
Cachoeira Uaticinaua 0 Cachoeira Auasinaua Cachoeira Auatsinaua
Cachoeira Umari 0 Cachoeira Umari Omari Rapids Raudal Umari Raudal Umarí
Cachoeira Vida Nova 0 Cachoeira Nova Vida
Cachoeira Villeroy 0 Villero
Cachoeira Von Martius 0 Cachoeira Martins Cachoeira de Martius Salto Martins
Cachoeira Xateturu 0 Cachoeira Chate-Turu Cachoeira Chate-Turú
Cachoeiras do Tauirigrande 0 Cachoeiras do Tauiry Grande
Cachoeiva do Buritizal 0 Cachoeira de Buritysal
Cachuela Chocolatal 0 Cachoeira Chocolatal
Cachuela Guajara Ass 0 Cachoeira Guajara-Acu Cachoeira Guajara-Assu Cachoeira Guajará-Assú Cachoeira Guajará-Açu Cachuela Guajara Assa Cachuela das Cordas
Cachuela Guayaramern 0 Cachoeira Guajara-Mirim Cachoeira Guajará-Mirim Cachuela Guajara Mirim Cachuela das Panellas
Cachuela Madera 0 Cachoeira Madeira Cachoeira da Madeira Cachoeira de Madeira Cachuela Madeira
Cachuela Palo Grande 0 Cachoeira Pau Grande Cachuela das Javalis Cachuela de Pau Grande
Cachuela Periquitos 0 Cachoeira Periquitos Cachoeira dos Periquitos Cachuela Periquita
Cachuela Ribern 0 Cachoeira Ribeirao Cachoeira Ribeirão Cachuela Riveron Cachuela Riverón
Caledonian Falls 0 Kalidonya Selalesi Kalidonya ?elalesi Kataraktis Kalidonias Kataráktis Kalídonias
Cascada Asoc-Dum 0 Cascada Asoc-Oum
Cascade de Sika 0 Chutes de la Kara
Cascade Vauchelet 0 Cascade du Vauchelet
Catarata de Ha 0 Cachoeira de Hua
Catarata Victoria 0 Victoria Falls
Cataratas del Iguaz 0 Cachoeira de Iguacu Cachoeira de Iguaçu Cascate di Iguazu Cataratas de Iguazu Cataratas de Iguazú Cataratas del Iguacu Cataratas del Iguassu Cataratas del Iguassú Cataratas del Iguazu Cataratas del Iguazú Cataratas del Iguaçú Cataratas do Iguacu Cataratas do Iguazu Cataratas do Iguazú Cataratas do Iguaçu Chutes d'Iguacu Chutes d'Iguaçu Iguacu Iguacu Falls Iguacuo Iguassu Falls Iguassufallen Iguassun putoukset Iguassú Falls Iguasu Iguazu Iguazu Falls Iguazu-fossene Iguazu-vandfaldene Iguazú Falls Iguazú-fossene Iguazú-vandfaldene Iguaçu Iguaçu Falls Igvasu krioklys Ig?acuo Salto Santa Maria Salto do Iguacu Salto do Iguaçu Saltos de Santa Maria Saltos do Iguacu Saltos do Iguassu Saltos do Iguassú Saltos do Iguaçu Victoria Falls Vodopady Iguacu Vodopády Iguaçu Wodospad Iguacu Wodospad Iguaçu ?????? ???? ??????? ?????? ????? ??? ??
Ch'ing-lung P'u-pu 0 Ch'ing-lung Falls Cinglong Pubu Qinglong Pubu ????
Ch'ing-lung P'u-pu 0 Ch'ing-lung Falls Cinglong Pubu Qinglong Pubu Shuang-lung P'u-pu ????
Chania Falls 0 Chanya Falls
Chanlers Falls 0 Chandlers Falls
Chegemskiy Vodopad 0 Vodopad Chegemskiy Vodopad Otets Vod
Chemin de l'Enfer 0 NAME NOT KNOWN
Chi-Chi Falls 0 Chi-Chi Fall
Chibalimang Falls 0 Chibalimang Fall
Chigy?n-p'okp'o 0 Jigyeon-pokpo ????
Chirviriga Falls 0 Chirowandoma Selowandoma Falls
Chisimba Falls 0 Chishimba Chishimbo
Chitigokeng Falls 0 Chitagong Fall Chitigokeng Fall
Chivirira Falls 0 Chibiribira Falls Chiribira Falls Chirivira
Chodakerpawa Falls 0 Chodaker Pama Chodaker-Pawa Fall Chodaker-pawa Chodikarpau Chowdaker-pawa
Chorro La Gaimitana 0 Chorro Gaimitana
Christmas Val 0 Christmasvallen
Chung-shan P'u-pu 0 Chung-shan Waterfall Jhongshan Pubu Zhongshan Pubu ????
Churn-Mer 0 Air terjun Angel Anchelio krioklys Angel Falls Angel-Waterfall Angelfallen Angeli juga Angelin putoukset Angelwaterval Ankhel Ankhel' Cascada Angel Cataratas do Anjo Churun-Merie Churún-Merié Salto Angel Salto del Angel Salto Ángel Thác n??c Thiên Th?n ????? ?????? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ????????? ?????
Chute de Doum 0 Chute Dojme
Chute de Poubara 0 Chute Fouleme Chute Foulémé Poubara Fouleme Poubara Foulémé Poupara
Chute Kitona 0 Chutes Lippens Lippens Falls
Chutes Angouma 0 Chute Agouma
Chutes Banzombi 0 Chute Bamombi
Chutes Chollet 0 Cholet Falle Cholet Fälle Chutes Cholet Chutes Chollet
Chutes de Boali 0 Bolai Falls Chutes de Mboali Chutes de la Mbali
Chutes de Kolio 0 Chutes Opepa
Chutes de Koudou 0 Cascade de Koudou
Chutes de Koudou 0 Cascade de Koudou
Chutes de la Bouenza 0 Chute de Moukoukoulou Chutes de Makoukoulou
Chutes de la Karera 0 Chutes Musagara
Chutes de la Loufoulakari 0 Chutes de la Foulakari
Chutes de la Rubi 0 Rubi River Falls
Chutes de Labo-Labo 0 Rapide Labo
Chutes de Livingstone 0 Cataractes Livingstone Chutes de Tembo Livingstone Falls
Chutes de Mikouma 0 Chute Migouma
Chtes de Nagossi 0 Chute Nagassi Chutes de Nagosi
Chutes de Ngolo 0 Chutes N'Gourou
Chutes de Nzilo 0 Chutes Delcommune
Chutes de Tsioucoudou 0 Chute de Tsioukoudou
Chutes du Carbet 0 Deuxieme Chute Deuxieme Chute du Carbet Deuxième Chute Deuxième Chute du Carbet
Chutes Etok 0 Chutes d' Etok Bekpwa
Chutes Gauthiot 0 Gauthiot-Falle Gauthiot-Fälle Macleod-Falle Macleod-Fälle
Chutes Mukolomone 0 Chutes Cornet Mwadingusha Falls
Chutes Ndoli-Mayela 0 Chute Ndobi-Mayela Chute Ndobi-Mayéla Rapides de Doumba Mayela Rapides de Doumba Mayéla
Chutes Opepa 0 Chutes de Kiolo
Chutes Tembo 0 Chutes Guillaume Quedas Guilherme William Falls
Consideration Falls 0 Consideration Fall
Corredeira Soledade 0 Cachoeira Soledade
Crab Falls 0 Crab Fall
Curug Perak 0 Tjurug Perak
Dahaq Th?`?r? 0 Dhak Theuri
Del Verme Falls 0 Cascata Dal Verme Dale Verme Falls Verme Falls
Devils Hole 0 Devil's Hole Rapids Great Cataract Poenkamarca Womuipong Falls
Diyaluma Falls 0 Diyaluwa Falls
Dda Fallet 0 Doda Fallet Doeda Fallet Döda Fallet Døda Fallet
Don Maximo Falls 0 Mabugabog Falls
Dotulu Ella Falls 0 Dotulu Falls
Drie Zusters Val 0 De Driezustersvallen
Driefoetoe Soela 0 Dreefoetoe Soela
Drios Fall 0 Drio Val New River Fall
Duckla Falls 0 Duckla Fall
Dynjandfossen 0 Dynjanfoss
Dynjandisfoss 0 Dynjandafoss Dynjandifoss
Eidsfoss 0 Eide Eidsfos
Eskerfossen 0 Cauldron Waterfall
Eteringbang Fall 0 NAME NOT KNOWN
Fall of Glomach 0 Falls of Glomach
Falls of Drumly Harry 0 Drumly Falls
Falls of Garbh Allt 0 Garawalt Falls
Falls of the Braan 0 Falls of Bran
Ftschbach Flle 0 Fatschbach Fätschbach Wasserfalle Wasserfälle
Feigumfossen 0 Fejgum Fos
Feroelasi Val 0 Feroelasie Val Feroelassi-val Van Feroelassi-val
F?nch'a'? Fwafwat? 0 Finch'a'a
Finnforsen 0 Finnfors
First Falls 0 First Falls Umtata Umtata Falls
Fiskemfossen 0 Fiskemfos Fiskemfoss Fiskumfoss
Flatefossen 0 Flatenfoss
Frederik Willem IV Vallen 0 Frederick Willem IV-val Frederik Willem IV Watervallen King Frederick William IVth Falls Vallen Koning Frederik Willem IV
Fundifossen 0 Funnefoss
Gandavaroyi Falls 0 Ganderowe
Girar F?nch'a'? Fwafwat? 0 Girar Finch'a'a Girar F?nch'a'a
Glen Grey Falls 0 Glen Gray Falls
Goba Falls 0 Bopoma
Goafoss 0 Godafoss Goðafoss
Goodalls Val 0 Goodall Val Goodall's Cataract Goodall's Fall Goodalls Falls
Gordon Falls 0 The Gordon Falls
Goring Falls 0 Goring Fall
Goum-Goum Falls 0 Goum-Goum Falls
Gran Dam 0 Grandam Val
Gran Salto de Macona 0 Gran Salto de Mocona Gran Salto de Moconá Salto Grande de Mocona Salto Grande do Uruguay
Gran Salto de Macona 0 Gran Salto de Macona Gran Salto de Mocona Gran Salto de Moconá Salto Grande de Mocona Salto Grande do Uruguay
Grand Saut Latidine 0 Gros Saut Latidine Saut Latidine
Grandasingi Soela 0 Grandasingi-val Koemaroe-Tabbetje-Soela Komaroe Soela
Grande Cascade 0 Cascade Vauchelet
Grandes Chutes 0 Grand Chutes
Granholo Vallen 0 Granhollo-vallen Granholo Soela Vallen van De Granholle
Great Fall 0 Ataraipawanamari Fall Teweriederobah Fall
Great Fall 0 Great Falls Kamarang Great Fall King George VI Fall
Great Falls 0 Ororo Malali Ororo Marali Oruro-Marali Fall
Great Falls 0 Great Fall
Grensefoss 0 Graensefoss Grænsefoss Porog Grense-Foss Raddja-guoika Ragjeguoikka Rajakoski Rajj-guosk Rajj-guos?k
Gubavica 0 Gubavica Falls
Gullfoss 0 Gullfoss ??????
Hamilton Falls 0 Kapachira Falls
Harefoss 0 Harefos Njommenkoski Vodopad Khare-Fossen Yaniskoski
Harsprnget 0 Harspronget Njammelsaskan Njommelsaska Njåmmelsaskan
Hart's Hill Falls 0 Tugela Falls
Hells Gate Falls 0 Harrison Fall Harrison Falls
Hidden Valley Falls 0 Hidden Valley
Hogenakal Falls 0 Smoking Rock
Holmfoss 0 Holmfos Saarkoski Sarikoski Vodopad Kholm-Foss
Hsiao-wu-lai P'u-pu 0 Hsiao-wu-lai Waterfall Siaowulai Pubu Xiaowulai Pubu ?????
Hsin-kang P'u-pu 0 Hsin-kang Waterfall Singang Pubu Xingang Pubu ????
Huangguoshu Pubu 0 Huang-kuo-shu P'u-pu
Hukou Pubu 0 Ho-k'ou Falls Hu-k'ou Hu-k'ou Falls Hu-k'ou P'u-pu
Hyttefossen 0 Hyttfoss Hyttfossen
I-n P'u-pu 0 I-nu Falls I-nü Falls Yinu Pubu Yinyu Pubu Yinü Pubu ????
Iatuk Falls 0 Iatuk Fall
Idenburg Val 0 Idenborg-val Idenburg Vallen
Ingipikin Soela 0 Ingie Pikien-val Ingiepikin Ingipikinval
Ipanan Tapr 0 Cachoeira Pontapere Cachoeira Pontaperé
Itaballi Fall 0 Itabali
Itabu Falls 0 Itabru Falls
Itaki Falls 0 Itaki Itaki Fall
Itaname Fall 0 Itanime Fall
Ite Falls 0 Ite Fall Ite Rapids Ite Val Ité Fall
Ite Falls 0 Ite Fall Ité Fall
Itou Sanseng 0 Cachoeira Irasapa Cachoeira Trasapa Saut Eutou Sansen Saut Itou Sansen Saut Itoussansein Saut Toussassagne
Izi Falls 0 Chirombo Falls Mpona
Jacobs Ladder Falls 0 Jacobs Ladder
Janbasigado Soela 0 Jan-Basi-Gado-val
Jigger Fall 0 Cachoeira Gegar Gegar Jigger
Jog Falls 0 Gersoppa Gersoppa Falls
Johnston Falls 0 Chutes Johnston Johnstone Rapides Johnson
Jordanfoss 0 Iordan-Fossen Jorde-guoika Jorde-guoikâ Jorde-guosk Jordes-guosk Jortaninkoski Jurde-Guosk Jurdes-guosk
Jui-lung P'u-pu 0 Jui-lung Falls Rueilong Pubu Ruilong Pubu ????
K'?l? ?ba Debas Fwafwat? 0 K'ile Abadebas K'?le ?badebas
Kabalega Falls 0 Kabarega Falls Murchison Falls
Kaburi Falls 0 Kaburi Fall Kaburi Mama
Kaburi-Mama Fall 0 Kaburi Mamma Fall
Kaieteur Falls 0 Kaieteur Fall Kaietuk Old Man's Fall
Kanwa Itou 0 Cachoeira Paiua Cachoeira Paiuá Cachoeira Taiua Cachoeira Taiuá Saut Canoa Saut Kainoua Saut Kaïnoua
Kakaraima Great Fall 0 Kakaraima Fall Salto Cacaraima
Kalambo Falls 0 Kalambo Falls
Kamaria Fall 0 Cataract Camaria Kamaria Falls
Kambanotaki waterfalls 0 Kanbanotaki ?????? ????
Kangularou Itou 0 Cachoeira Justo Chermont Chermont Kangelarou Itou Kanguelarou Ito Kanguélarou Ito Kangélarou Itou
Kariwapawa Fall 0 NAME NOT KNOWN
Karona Fall 0 Cachoeira Corona Carona Corona Karona Korona Fall
Kartabak Falls 0 Kartabac Fall
Kartauri Falls 0 Kartauari Falls Kartauri Fall
Kassuwau Fall 0 NAME NOT KNOWN
Kata Fall 0 Cachoeira Atasu
Kavuna Falls 0 Kavula Falls
Kentoetow Val 0 Kentoefoe
Kirindi Ela Falls 0 Kirindi Ella Falls
Kitaru Falls 0 Seven Forks Falls
Klosterfoss 0 Klosterfossen
Kobantuk Falls 0 Kobanatuk Fall
Kodebakoe Soela 0 Mankodebakoeval
Kodebakoe Soela 0 Kodobakoesoela Marakanakoea Soela Marakanakoea-val Maranakoea
Koenaihede Soela 0 Kommehede Val Konnahidde
Koirimap Falls 0 Korimapp Fall
Kora Falls 0 Kore Falls
Koumalawa Itou 0 Cachoeira Cumalaua Cachoeira Cumalauá Saut Cournaoua Saut Koumaloua
Krimmler Flle 0 Krimler Falle Krimler Fälle Krimmler Achen Falle Krimmler Achen Fälle Krimmler Wasserfalle Krimmler Wasserfälle
Kuan-yin P'u-pu 0 Guanyin Pubu Kuan-yin Falls ????
Kuan-yin P'u-pu 0 Guanyin Pubu Kuan-yin Falls ????
Kukuipawa Falls 0 Kukui-pau Kukui-pawa Kukuipaw Falls Kukuipow Falls NAME NOT KNOWN
Kulutuik Fall 0 Kurutuik Fall NAME NOT KNOWN
Kumaka Fall 0 Kumaka Rapids
Kumarau Falls 0 Kumarau Fall Kumerau Fall
Kundabwika Falls 0 Kundambwika Falls Kundemwiku
Kundalila Falls 0 Cooing Dove Falls
Kurubiru Falls 0 Kurubiru Fall
Kurundu Oya Falls 0 Kunundu Oya Falls
Kurupukari Falls 0 Kurupukari Fall Kurupukari Rapids Kurupukarri Rapids
Kurutuik Falls 0 Cachoeira Curutuique Kurutuik Falls
Kuyaliwak Rapid 0 Kuyaliwak Fall
Kuyari Fall 0 Kyari Fall
Kwaman Tapl Itou 0 Kwaman Tapere Kwaman Tapéré NAME NOT KNOWN Saut Kouamantapere Saut Kouamantapéré Saut Kouamautapere Saut Kouamautaperé Saut Kwaman Tapere Saut Kwaman Tapére
Kwanil-p'okp'o 0 ????
Kyansore Falls 0 Kansor Falls
Kyansore Falls 0 Kansor Falls
Laguna Azul Falls 0 Spanish Falls
Lailagr'i 0 Lailafossen
Laksapana Falls 0 Laxapana
Lan-hou P'u-pu 0 Lan-hou Waterfall Lanhou Pubu ????
Langa Soela 0 Langadamsoela
Law-pi-ta 0 Bala Chaung Balu Chaung Lawbida
Lilla Sjfallet 0 Lilla Sjoefallet Lilla Sjofallet Lilla Sjöfallet Lilla Sjøfallet
Little Fall 0 Little Falls
Livingstone Falls 0 Murchison Falls
Livingstone Falls 0 Cataractes Livingstone Chutes de Livingstone
Ljsifoss 0 Ljosafoss Ljósafoss
Lo-shan P'u-pu 0 Lo-shan Falls Luoshan Pubu ????
Lung-ku P'u-pu 0 Longgu Pubu Lung-ku Waterfall ????
Maboga Val 0 Mabaga-val Maboegaval Maboga
Machpawa Falls 0 Maca-pawa Machpawa Fall Mais Pau NAME NOT KNOWN
Makawarima Fall 0 Makwarima Fall
Makreba Falls 0 Makreba Fall
Makwaiektuk Falls 0 Makwietuk Falls
Maletsunyane Falls 0 Le Bihan Falls Semonkong Falls
Mllefossen 0 Mollesfossen Mollešfossen Mollisfossen Molliusfos
Mlselvfoss 0 Malangfoss Malangsfoss
Manarowa Great Fall 0 Manarova Great Fall
Manawela Falls 0 Manawella Falls
Manbari Val 0 Mambari Soula Manbali Soula Manbarie Val Saut Mambari Saut Man Bari Saut Manbali
Manoa Itou 0 Cachoeira Manana Cachoeira Mananá Cachoeira Manaua Cachoeira Manauá Saut Manoa
M?ns?m Falls 0 Mamsan Falls
Mappal HaTannur 0 HaTanur Tannur
Maracas Falls 0 Maracus Falls
Marali Falls 0 Marali Fall
Mardalsfossen 0 Mardolsfoss Mardølsfoss
Maria Cristina Falls 0 Maria Christina Falls
Marihi Fall 0 Marihi Cataract
Maringtuk Falls 0 Maringtuk Fall
Maripa Falls 0 Maripa Fall
Maripa Itou 0 Cachoeira Maripatu
Maripa Soela 0 Maripa Soula Saut Maripasoula
Mariwa Falls 0 Mariwa Fall
Marlissa Falls 0 Marlissa Fall Marlissa Rapids
Marshall Falls 0 Marshall Fall
Mary Falls 0 Mary Fall
Mataling Falls 0 Mataling Fall
Matope Fall 0 Great Cataract Ematuba
Mbochanini Waterfall 0 Mbochanin Waterfall
Mbulumotuta Falls 0 Mbulumatuto Falls
Mbwilo Falls 0 Bwilo
Medallaiechad 0 Madafall a Iegad Matal Eigad
Meditation Rapids 0 Rapidos Meditacion Rápidos Meditación
Mei-ya P'u-pu 0 Mei-ya Falls Meiya Pubu ????
M?ja Fwafwat? 0 Meja M?ja
Mekorusa Falls 0 Eclipse Fall Eclipse Falls Mekorerusa
Melka ?rba Fwafwat? 0 Melka Arba Melka ?rba
Melkefoss 0 Maida-guosk Maida-guos?k Maidag-guosk Maidag-guos?k Maiddek Maitokoski Porog Mel'ke-Foss Porog Mel’ke-Foss ????? ??????-????
Mesnafoss 0 Mesna Mesnafossene
Mestoslinkka 0 Mestoslinka
Mfihlelo Falls 0 Mtihelo Falls
Mipimah Fall 0 Mipiman
Moemba Falls 0 Moemba Falls
Mona Falls 0 Mona Fall
Monkey Fall 0 Monkey Falls
Mope Falls 0 Mope Fall Mope Rapid Mope Rapids
Mrkfoss 0 Morkfos Mörkfos
Mtarazi Falls 0 Mutarazi Falls Mutarzi
Mumbotuta Falls 0 Giraud Mombottouta Mombouttouta Mumbatuta Mumbotuta Falls Mumbotuto Mumbutata
Murchison Falls 0 Murchisson Falls
Mutubana Falls 0 Mutubana Fall
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Salui Pama Salui Pawa Fall Suluipau
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Cachoeira Vespas
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Cachoeira Goiabeiras Cachoeira das Goiabeiras Corredeira das Goiabeiras Goiobeiras
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Kouloumouli Itou Kouroumouri Itou Saut Kouroumouri Itou
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Caimpong Saut Caïmpong Saut Coimpong Saut Coïmpong Saut Koinpong Tapere Saut Koïnpong Tapéré
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Macbid-pawa Machidpawa Fall Machidpawa Falls Mashipau
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Yaoua Sikoua Saut Yawa Sikwa Saut Yawassikoua Yawassikwa Itou
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Yaroupi Yaloupilemwa Itou Yaroupi Moula Ito Yaroupi Moula Itou
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Dowbar-pawa Dowbar-pawa Falls
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Cachoeira Mirixi
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Cachoeira Carao Cachoeira Carão Carong
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Cachoeira Pacas
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Petit Ako
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Payla Ito Payla Itou
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Pacouacara Saut Pakou Akara
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Montabo
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Maripa Sauts de Maripa
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Galibi
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saut Fourmi Saut Fourmi Oyapock Saut Fourmi Oyapok
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Alamanyapa Itou Saut Alamangapa
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Arimera-Kana Falls
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Arawana-pawa Arawana-pawa Falls Arawanapau Arowana-Pawa Falls
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Essapung Fall Essopung Rapids
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Pauisin Fall Pauisparu Fall Powis-in
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Cachoeira Irocosin
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Saru-pawa Falls Saruparu Fall Sarupau Sarupawa Sarupawa Fall
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Arawai Fall Arawai Falls
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Cachoeira Pukalid-pawa Pukalid-pawa Pukalidpau Pukalidpau Falls Pukalidpawa Rapids Pukalipau Falls
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Cachoeira do Barro
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Pau-is-pawa Fall Pauisparu Fall Pauisparu Falls Pauwispawa Falls Pawis-pawa Falls Powis-pau Powis-pawa Powis-pawa Fall
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Muretuik Fall Muretuik Falls
NAME NOT KNOWN 0 Salto Cuatro Hermanas
NAME NOTKNOWN 0 Moutoussi Itou Saut Moutouchy Saut Moutouci
Nan-an Pu-pu 0 Nan'an Pubu Nan-an Falls Nan’an Pubu ????
Ncandu Falls 0 Incandu Falls
Nedre Leirfoss 0 Lille Leirfoss Lille Lerfos Nedre Leirfossen Nedre Lerfoss
Nei'dagr'zi 0 Nieiddagor33e
Ngonye Falls 0 Gonya Gonye Ngonya
Njupskrs Vattenfall 0 Njupeskar Njupeskär
Nofo 0 Nefo Nefö
Nundwe Falls 0 Nyondwe
Nut Falls 0 Great Fall Nut Fall
Nyambwezu Falls 0 Yambweso Falls
Nzinga Falls 0 Inzinga Falls
Ochipawa Falls 0 Ochipawa Ochipawa Fall Oshipau Oxipau
Oemaroe Vallen 0 Oemoeroevallen
Okumai Falls 0 Okumai Fall
Oranjevalle 0 Die Oranje Valle Oranjevalle Ritchie Falls
Oranjevalle 0 Die Oranje Valle Oranjevalle Ritchie Falls
Orinduik Fall 0 Cachoeira Uranduique Cachoeira Urenduique Orindouk Orindouk Fall Orindui Fall Orinduik Orinduik Falls Salto Orindui Urandique Uranduique
Oronoque Falls 0 Oronoque Fall Oronoque Val
Os Treis Saltos 0 Les Trois Sauts Trois Sauts
Oulabalea Itou 0 Cachoeira Mourouniourincin Oulabaleia Itou Oulapaleya Itou
vre Leirfoss 0 Ovre Leirfossen Ovre Lerfoss Store Leirfoss Store Lerfos Øvre Lerfoss
P'eng-lai P'u-pu 0 P'eng-lai Falls Penglai Pubu ????
Pai-yang P'u-pu 0 Baiyang Pubu Pai-yang Falls Ta-ou-la-ssu P'u-pu ????
Pakatuk Fall 0 Pakatuk Falls
Pakoussili Itou 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Saut Pacouciri Saut Pakousiri Saut Pakoussili
Pakutau Falls 0 Pakataw Pakutaw Fall
Paloeloe Val 0 Paalou Icholi Paloulou Icholi
Pangani Falls 0 Great Pangani Falls
Papadron Soela 0 Papadron-val Papadrón-val
Payuka Falls 0 Paiyuka Fall
Pedrosoengoe Vallen 0 Peter Songou Soula Saut Peter Songo Saut Peter Songou
Petticock Fall 0 Arisaru Peticock Rapids
Pianoghotto Fall 0 Pianoghotto Val
Pikaiwa Falls 0 Pikaiwa Rapid
Poeloegoedoe Vallen 0 Poeloegoedoe-val Poligoudou Soula Porigoedoevallen Saut Poligoudou
Pollaphuca Waterfall 0 Puck's Pool
Popavalle 0 Popa Falls
Popikai Falls 0 Popikai Fall
Porog Bakrem 0 Porog Bakrym Porog Bokrem
Porog Bol'shoy 0 Porog Semiverstnyy
Porog Byk 0 Bok Rapids Byk Porogi
Porog Diakos' 0 Porog Diyakos'
Porog Finskiy 0 Suomalaistenkoski
Porog Ikhmisev 0 Ihmisenkoski
Porog Kheste-Foss 0 Haevosguoikka Hestefoss Hestfos Hestfoss Hævosguoikka
Porog Khutinskiy 0 Porog Dag-Uzhar Utinskiy Porog
Porog Kobb-Foss 0 Kobbefossen Kobbfoss Kobfoss
Porog Miryuginskiy 0 Porog Muryuginskiy
Porog Semivrstnyy 0 Dolgiy
Porog Serezhnyy 0 Porog Serezhny
Porog Skug-Foss 0 Hakokongas Hakoköngäs Menikkakoski Mennikkafossen Rama-guoika Ramal-guosk Ræma-guoika Ræmal-guosk Skogfoss
Porog Sukhoy 0 Kuivakoski
Porog Tukhka 0 Tuhkakoski
Porog Uchaminskiy 0 Porog Uchamskiy
Porog Ugiyes 0 Porog Yugiyes
Porog Verkhniy Kitatskiy 0 Kitatskiy Porog
Porog Voynitskiy 0 Vuonnisenkoski
Porog Yuziy 0 Porog Yuziya
Porogi Krovyanoy 0 Porogi Krovyanyye
Poruwanun-Pawa Falls 0 Poruwanin-pawa Poruwanum Pawa Poruwanum Pawa Fall Poruwanum-pawa Falls Poruwanun
Primeira Cachoeira 0 Rapido Gurgalho
Pyzhinskiy Porog 0 Pizinkoski Pižinkoski
Quedas da Cachoeira dos Pandeiros 0 Cachoeira dos Pandeiros
Quedas do Calandula 0 Quedas do Duque de Braganca Quedas do Duque de Bragança
Quedas do Monte Negro 0 Epupa Falls Montenegro Falle Montenegro Fälle Quedas Montenegro
Rai'gebatgr'i 0 Hulfossen Raiggebakgar33e
Rai'tegr'i 0 Raitefossen
Ramsheep Falls 0 Ramsheep Fall
Rpido de Yuya Pichis 0 Rapidos de Yuya Pichis Rápidos de Yuya Pichis
Rpido Yenge 0 Chute de Yangoue Chute de Yangoué Chutes de Yengoue Chutes de Yengoué Jengwe Rapido Buia
Raudal Arara 0 Cachoeira Acara Cachoeira Acará Cachoeira Arara Randal Arara
Raudal Matap 0 Cachoeira Matapi
Raudal Panapana 0 Cachoeira Panapana Cachoeira Panapanã
Raudal Uapu 0 Cachoeira Uapuhy Cachoeira Uapui Cachoeira Uapuí Raudal Uapuhy
Raudales de Garbutt 0 Garbutt's Fall Garbutt's Falls Rapidos de Garbutt Rápidos de Garbutt
Raudfossen 0 Moulin Rouge
Reinfossen 0 Reinfoss Renfossen
Rheinfall 0 Cascate del Reno Chutes du Rhin Falls of the Rhine Laufen Reino krioklys Rheinfall Rhenfallet Rhine Falls Schaffhausen Falls ????
Rhenas 0 Rhenas Fall Rhenass Waterfall
Riamben' ny Fahafatesana 0 Chutes de la Mort
Ristafallen 0 Ristafallet
Ruacana Falls 0 Catarata Roacana Catarata Ruacana Catarata Ruacaná Cataratas de Ruacana Cataratas de Ruacaná Cataratas do Ruacana Cataratas do Ruacaná Quedas do Ruacana Quedas do Ruacaná
Rusumo Falls 0 Chutes Rusumo Chutes de Rusumu
Saint Clair Falls 0 Saint Clair Minor Falls
Saint Clair Falls 0 Saint Clair Major Falls
Sakaika Falls 0 Sakaika Fall
Sakkasakkasamboe Val 0 Val Saka Saka Samboe Val Sakkesakkesamboe
Salomatovskiy Porog 0 Solomatovskiy Porog
Salto Acarima 0 Salto Carima
Salto Aimara 0 Raudal Aimara Salto Aimura
Salto Angostura 0 Salto de Angostura Tercero Salto de Magarapan Salto de Magarapán
Salto Angostura Primero 0 Raudal Angostura Numero Uno Raudal Angostura Número Uno
Salto Angostura Segundo 0 Los Saltos de Angostura Segundo Raudal Angostura Numero Dos Raudal Angostura Número Dos Raudal Angostura-II-Guayabero
Salto Belo 0 Uamulo-Uaiezalucu Uamulô-Uaiezaluçú
Salto Catorze de Julho 0 Salto 14 de Julho
Salto das Sete Quedas 0 Cachoeira das Sete Quedas Cataratas de Guaira Salto Grande das Sete Quedas Salto Guahyra Salto Guaira Salto Guairaoudas Sete Quedas Salto Guaíra Salto de Guayra Salto de Guayrá Salto del Guaira Salto del Guairá Saltos Guaira Seteguedes
Salto das Sete Quedas 0 Cachoeira do Jau Cachoeira do Jaú
Salto de Leicao 0 Salto de Leicau
Salto del Frito 0 Salto Frio
Salto del Oso 0 Raudal Oso Salto Oso
Salto del Valiente 0 Salto del Valiente
Salto do Alonso 0 Salto Alonzo
Salto do Capim Fino 0 Salto Capim
Salto do Jirau 0 Salto de Coati Salto de Girao Salto de Girão Salto do Girao Salto do Giráo
Salto do Urubupung 0 Cachoeira Urubu-Punga Salto de Urabupunga
Salto El Esquirn 0 Esquirin Esquirín
Salto El Humo 0 Humo
Salto El Sombrerazo 0 Salto Sombrerazo
Salto Euteguareima 0 Salto Eutouarima
Salto Faraday 0 Salto Faradai
Salto Hacha 0 Salto Hacho
Salto Irene 0 Corredeira Irene Salto Irene
Salto Maihia 0 Salto Maisa
Salto Mataka 0 Mataca Falls
Salto Navait 0 Cachoeira Navaite Cachoeira Navaité
Salto Necuima 0 Salto Necoima
Salto Palmar 0 Salto Palmar
Salto Paranata 0 Salto Parandita
Salto Patricio 0 Salto Sao Patricio Salto São Patrício
Salto Quaquiquara 0 Salto Cuaquicuara
Salto Rafael 0 Salto de Rafael
Salto Sampaio 0 Salto Carlos Sampaio
Salto Tencua 0 Salto Quenque Salto Tencue Salto Tencué
Salto Unin 0 Salto Canigua Salto Caniguá Salto Reunion Salto Reunión Salto de Caingua
Salto Upa 0 Salto Ubia Salto de Uhilla Salto de Uhillá Salto de Uhiya Salto de Uhiyá
Sambang-p'okp'o 0 ????
Sarpsfoss 0 Sarpfoss Falls Sarpsfossen
Saut Grand Kemou 0 Cachoeira Caimum Caimuni Saut Couyimou
Saut Grande Roche 0 Cachoeira Gran Roche Cachoeira Grande Rocha Cachoeira Grande Roche
Saut Kachiri 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Saut Cachiri
Saut Konpong Tapr 0 Saut Caimpong Saut Caïmpong Saut Coimpong Saut Coïmpong
Saut Kwachintamb 0 Cachoeira Justin Saut Couachimtambe
Saut Maripa 0 Sauts de Maripa
Saut Massala 0 Cachoeira Mucura Cachoeira Muçurá Saut Masala Saut Massara
Saut Samacou 0 Cachoeira Saramacuringa Cachoeira Saramacuringá Saut Ouanaouperou Saut Samakou
Sauts Ampouman 0 Ampouma Soula Ampouman Saut Apoemavallen Apoma Soela Saut Ampouma
Sauts du Litani 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Sauts de l' Itany
Sauts Koumalawa 0 Cachoeira Camaraua Saut Goumaraoua Sauts Coumalaoua
Sauts Wakarayou 0 Cachoeira Acaraiou Saut Cuacarayau Saut Cuaracayau Saut Ouacarayau Saut Ouacarayou
Savtso 0 Svartso Falls
Serikoeng Falls 0 Serikoeng
Shamanskiy Porog 0 Shamanskiy Byk
Shararin Fall 0 Shararin
Shimsha Falls 0 Shimshapura
Shivera Balaganskaya 0 Shivera Balaganakskaya
Shivera Karga 0 Shivera Maygunskaya
Shui-ch'ung-k'uang P'u-pu 0 Shueichongkuang Pubu Shui-ch'ung-k'uang Falls Shuichongkuang Pubu ?????
Sidonkroetoe Val 0 Sidom Kroetoe Val Sidomkroetoe-vallen Sidonkroetoesoela
Siengatet Val 0 Saut Singa Tetey Saut Singa Tetéy Saut Singatetei Saut Singatétéï Singa Tetei Soula Singa Teteï Soula Singatitesoela Singatitésoela Val Siengatetei
Siguri Falls 0 Shuguri Falls
Sioma 0 Seoma
Skoltefoss 0 Skoltefos Vodopad Skalte-Fossen
Sladhla Falls 0 Sadhla Falls
Slap Savinje 0 Logarski Sum Logarski Šum
Slapovi Krke 0 Krka Falls
Soraba Fall 0 Saraba Fall
Spitrefoss 0 Spitrefossen
Stirling Falls 0 Stirling Fall
Stonpoortoe Val 0 Stonportoeval
Stop Off Fall 0 Stop Fall
Stora Sjfallet 0 Adna Muorkekartje Stora Sjoefallet Stora Sjofallet Stora Sjöfallet Stora Sjøfallet Ädna Muorkekårtje
Storbodfallet 0 Storbofallet
Storfinnforsen 0 Finnforsen
Storfossen 0 Storfos Storfoss
Strmfoss 0 Straumsfoss Stromfos Stromsfoss Strömfos Strömsfoss
Stuorragr'i 0 Storfossen
Suor'bmugr'i 0 Sorbmofossen
Surwakwima Falls 0 Surwakwima Fall
Svartifoss 0 Svartfoss
Svelgfoss 0 Svaelgfoss
Swasey Stopper Fall 0 Stopper Fall
Syv Systre 0 7 Sostre 7 Systre 7 Söstre Seven Sisters Falls Syv Sostre Syv Söstre
T'?s Isat Fwafwat? 0 Blue Nile Falls T'is Abay Fwafwate T'?s ?bay Fwafwat? Tis Isat Falls Tis-esat Tisesat Falls Tississat Falls
Takuba Falls 0 Takuba Fall
Takwari Falls 0 Takwari Fall Takwari Rapids Takwarri Fall
Talukwai Fall 0 Talukwai Rapids Tulukwai Rapid
Tamanwayapa Itou 0 NAME NOT KNOWN Saut Tamanouayapa Saut Yaouapa Saut Yawapa
Taminoda Fall 0 Taminada Falls
Tamoussiyapa Itou 0 Cachoeira Samaciapa Cachoeira Samaciapá Saut Komanciapa Saut Tamasiapa
Tangefoss 0 Bornjeguoikka Buornesava Porog Tange-Foss Purnusuvanto Tangefos
Tappewatra Dam 0 Tapawatra Soela Tapawatraval
Tarpe Fall 0 Tarpi Fall
Taruma Fall 0 Turuma Val
Tauriau Falls 0 Taunau Fall Tauriau Fall
Thc An Krot 0 Chutes d' Ankroet
Thc Drayling 0 Drailing Chutes Dray Hlin
Thc Lin Goo 0 Lien Goa Lien Goo
Thc Lin Guich 0 Lien Guich
Thc Lin Kh??ng 0 Lien Khang Lien Khanh
Thc Lin Ma Bruss 0 Lien Ma Bruss
Thc Pongour 0 Chutes de Pongour Lien Pongour
The Waterfall 0 Waterfall
Thomas Falls 0 Thomas Fall
Thompson Falls 0 Thompson Fall
Tiboku Falls 0 Tiboko Tiboku Fall
Tiger Falls 0 Tiger Fall
Tijger Val 0 Tiger Fall Tiger Falls Tijger Vallen
Tinamu Fall 0 Tonoma Rapids
Tinfoss 0 Tinfos Tinnfoss
Tonckens Vallen 0 Tonkens Val
Tongnimsan-p'okp'o 0 ?????
Torc Cascade 0 Tore Cascade
Trombaka Soela 0 Trombaka-val
Ts'ai-hung P'u-pu 0 Caihong Pubu Ts'ai-hung Falls ????
Tully Falls 0 Kareeya
Tupeku Fall 0 Pimpler Topeko
Tuwaima Falls 0 Tuwaima Fall
Uccagr'i 0 Lillefossen Uccagor33e
Uduwa Rapids 0 Ride Rapids Uduwa Fall
Umpskiy Porog 0 Umbski Bar Umpski Bar
Utombira Falls 0 Mutambiranwa Falls
Vaca Falls 0 Waca Falls
Vakkerstryket 0 Gaddoluobalguoikka Porog Vakker-Striket
Vallatjkrtje 0 Vallatskartje Vallatskårtje
Valurdfossen 0 Valurdsfoss
Varnichnyy Porog 0 Varnichni Bar Varnitchnui Bar
Victoria Falls 0 Victoria Fall
Victoria Falls 0 Air terjun Victoria Cascada Victoria Cascades Victoria Cascades Victòria Cascate Vittoria Cataratas de Victoria Chutes Victoria Các thác n??c Victoria Parque Nacional de Victoria Falls Victoria Falls Victoria Selalesi Victoria ur-jauzi Victoria ur-jauziak Victoria ?elalesi Victoriafaelle Victoriafalla Victoriafallen Victoriafallene Victoriafälle Victorian putoukset Victoriavallen Victoriawatervallen Viktoria Akvofalo Viktorija Viktorijini slapovi Viktorijini vodopadi Viktorijos krioklys Viktoriufossar Viktoríufossar Wodospad Wiktorii ???????? ??????????? ???????? ???? ???????? ?????? ???????? ?????????? ???????????? ??????? ??????
Victoria Falls 0 Amanza Tunqayo Chino Timba Mosi oa Tunya Mosi-Oa-Toenja
Vodopad Bol'shoy Padun 0 Porog Bol'shoy Padun
Vodopad Il'ya Muromets 0 Rakkibetsu-taki
Vodopad Medovyy 0 Vodopad Medovyye
Vodopad Padun 0 Porog Vodyanoy Padun
Vodopad Pakkolan-Koski 0 Paakkolankoski
Vringsfoss 0 Voringen Voringfoss Voringfossen Vöringen Vöringfoss Vöringfossen
Wabroek Falls 0 Wabrook
Waikuri Fall 0 Waikuri Rapids
Waiwois Falls 0 Waiwais Fall Waiwois Fall Waiwois Val
Wakowaieng Falls 0 Wakowaieng Fall
Wantuana Fall 0 Wanduik Falls Wantuanna
Waraputa Fall 0 Waraputa Falls
Waratabu Fall 0 Waratubu Fall
Waratuk Falls 0 Waratuk Fall
Warimambo Falls 0 Warimambo Fall
Wasserfall zum Toten Weib 0 Beim Todten Weib Toten Weib Totes Weib
Webuye 0 Broderick Falls
Werk'? Fwafwat? 0 Werk'e Werk'?
Wildensteiner Wasserfall 0 Wildensteinerfall
Winters Falls 0 Winters Fall
Wittieston Soela 0 Val Wittiston Witiston Wittiston-val
Wonotobo Vallen 0 Governor Light's Cataract Governor Light's Falls Governor Lights Fall Great Cataracts Mavari Wonotopo Wanotobo Watervallen van Wonotobbe Wonatabo Fall Wonatobo Falls Wonotobo Cataract Wonotobo Fall Wonotobo Falls
Wu-feng-ch'i P'u-pu 0 Wufengqi Pubu Wufongci Pubu ?????
Wu-lai P'u-pu 0 Wulai Pubu ????
Yabdi 0 Yabdi Cascade
Yaniskoski 0 Janiskoski Jäniskoski
Yen-sheng P'u-pu 0 T'ao-shan P'u-pu Yansheng Pubu Yen-sheng Fall ????
Yongch'u-p'okp'o 0 ????
Yongch'u-p'okp'o 0 ????
Yongsodae 0 ??
Yukanopito Falls 0 Yucanopito Fall Yukanopito Fall
Yn-lung P'u-pu 0 Yun-lung Falls Yunlong Pubu Yün-lung Falls ????
Zaruma Falls 0 Zaruma Fall Zaruma Val

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