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New Caledonie Relief Map -

New Caledonie Relief Map

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New Caledonie Location Map -

New Caledonie Location Map

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New Caledonia And Vanuatu Map Fr -

New Caledonia And Vanuatu Map Fr

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There are 616 administrative divisions in Nouvelle-Calédonie

An Nua-Chaladoin, An Nua-Chaladóin, Caledonia Newydd, Jaunkaledonija, Kaledonia Baru, Kaledonia Berria, Naujoji Kaledonija, Neukaledonien, New Caledonia, Nieu-Kaledonie, Nieu-Kaledonië, Nieuw-Caledonie, Nieuw-Caledonië, Niu Kaletonia, Noua Caledonie, Nouvelle-Caledonie, Nouvelle-Calédonie, Nov-Kaledonio, Nova Caledonia, Nova Caledònia, Nova Caledónia, Nova Kaledonia, Nova Kaledonie, Nova Kaledonija, Nova Kaledonіja, Novaja Kaledonija, Novaja Kaledonіja, Nove Caledonia, Nová Kaledonie, Nová Kaledónia, Nowa Kaledonia, Nueva Caledonia, Nuova Caledonia, Ny Kaledonien, Ny-Caledonia, Nya Kaledonien, Nyja-Kaledonia, Nýja-Kaledónía, Ogga-Kaledonia, Ođđa-Kaledonia, Tan Caledonia, Territoire des Nouvelle-Caledonie et Dependances, Territoire des Nouvelle-Calédonie et Dépendances, Territory of New Caledonia and Dependencies, Tân Caledonia, Uj-Kaledonia, Uus Caledonia, Uusi-Kaledonia, Yeni Iskocya, Yeni İskoçya, Új-Kaledónia, Νέα Καληδονία, Нова Каледония, Нова Каледонија, Нова Каледонія, Новая Каледония, Новая Каледонія, קלדוניה החדשה, كاليدونيا الجديدة, نیو کیلیڈونیا, کالدونیای جدید, न्यू कैलेडोनिया, নিউ ক্যালেডোনিয়া, นิวคาลิโดเนีย, ນິວຄາລິໂຄເນຍ, ახალი კალედონია, ኒው ካሌዶኒያ, ニューカレドニア, 新卡里多尼亚, 뉴 칼레도니아

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