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Chin-ch'eng, Gangchhendzonga, Gangchhendzönga, Kancendzanga, Kanchanjanga, Kanchendzhanga, Kanchenjonga, Kanchenjunga, Kanczendzonga, Kangchen Dzo-nga, Kangchen Dzö-nga, Kangchenjunga, Kantjendjunga, Kančendžanga, Khanchenjwenga, Khangchendzoenga, Khangchendzonga, Khangčhendzönga, Kinchinjinga, Kinchinjunga, Kunchinjunga, Канченджанга, کنگچنجنگا, কাঞ্চনজঙ্ঘা, கஞ்சன்சுங்கா மலை, カンチェンジュンガ, 干城章嘉峰, 칸첸중가 산

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