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Auckland (in Maori : Ta-maki Makau Rau) is a city in New Zealand located in the North Island. The metropolitan area or Greater Auckland Auckland (known in English as Auckland metropolitan area or Greater Auckland) is the largest in the country and the largest population center of the southern Pacific, with over 1,200,000 inhabitants, more than one quarter of the population, and higher growth than the rest of the state. While Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, Auckland is the largest city and, indeed, the economic capital. Auckland is in turn the capital of the homonymous region . In itself, is a conurbation consisting of the city of Auckland, Auckland City, or (excluding the islands of the Hauraki Gulf ), North Shore City and urban parts of the cities of Waitakere, Manukau and the districts of Papakura, Rodney and Franklin. In Maori, the name given to the city is Tamaki-Makau-rau, or version transliteral of Auckland, Akarana.

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