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Antarctica (from Greek ανταρκτικως "antarktikos", "opposite the Arctic "), also called the Antarctic or Antarctic continent is the continent on which is the South Pole. The most common definition includes as Antarctic territories south of latitude 60 ° S, coinciding with the area under the Antarctic Treaty. Attending more to the physical geography, the limit would be in the Antarctic Convergence, including for example the islands South Georgia and South Sandwich (near the Americas ). It has a nearly circular 4500 km in diameter on a narrow peninsula that protrudes in the form of "S", directed toward the southern tip of South America .

Antarctica Political Map 1 - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica Political Map 1816 x 907 - 131.65k - jpg
Antarctica Political Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica Political Map816 x 907 - 131.65k - jpg
West Antarctica - Mapsof.Net Map
West Antarctica788 x 766 - 281.12k - png
Antarctic Region - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctic Region990 x 1220 - 206.02k - jpg
Antarctica Satellite Image Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica Satellite Image Map600 x 600 - 53.79k - jpg
Antarctica Regions Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica Regions Map2000 x 1646 - 239.58k - png
Antarctica Map 1 - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica Map 1502 x 617 - 16.51k - png
Antarctica Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica Map1200 x 1480 - 165.21k - jpg
Antarctica Large Map - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica Large Map944 x 944 - 100.24k - jpg
Antarctica 1 - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica 11182 x 944 - 54.66k - png
Antarctica - Mapsof.Net Map
Antarctica2311 x 1625 - 378.99k - gif
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